So, like.

I think I have a fucking fever. Because I went to the fucking haunted/abandoned/not okay place to be in Wilsonville last night at like one in the morning. Got the shit scared out of me. Not even kidding. Saw things. Fucked up. Not happy. Still scared.

I saw a hand on one of the kid’s shoulder’s. Just resting. Just there. Super cool. A jacket that one of the other guys had left on the ground in one room was hung up on the wall when we turned around. A tonnn of banging and clanging and weird ass noises in rooms that we had just walked through. And, my personal favorite, shone the flashlight on of the other guy’s face, for literally one second. And it wasn’t his face. I can’t explain it. I do’t have words. It was his body, but 100% not his face. Freaked me out so bad. I was shaking so bad it probably could have passed as a seizure.

ANYWAYS. And then I got home too late, and had to sit outside my house for an hour in the rain and wait for my step-dad to go to work at 5. He didn’t go, so I thought I could sneak in. Ran into both ‘rents in the kitchen. Obviously.